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Choose Safetygap to Ensure Superior Safety at Your Workplace

Apart from the growth of your business or organization, you should also focus on other vital aspects. Safety is often overlooked and is one of the most integral aspects of any workplace that should be considered and prioritized. Safety can be a broad area for a business and can include preventing harm to people, property, environment. Managing safety can be challenging for workplaces, as there can be complex processes, hidden hazards and inexperience in implementing effective and practical controls. In order to improve the standards in your workplace, you should consider engaging experienced and professional safety consultants. Safetygap is one of the top safety consultants Melbourne offering potent and effective safety services and solutions to a range of industry sectors, including transport, warehousing, hospitality, healthcare, aviation, construction, educational services, manufacturing, retail, and agriculture. 

Safetygap offers a range of services such as risk management, which includes a complete evaluation of processes, environment, equipment and other aspects of your workplace to identify hazards, risks with recommendations of appropriate safety solutions. Risk assessment is essential for your organization in order to ensure the safety of all persons in your workplace. Manual Handling is an another task that can be present in almost all workplaces.All workplaces have an obligation to assess and manage hazardous manual handling tasks. Safetygap can provide an effective ergonomic service that incorporates assessment and management of manual handling risks. Their services can help you prevent injuries and workers compensation claims arising from manual handling. Apart from this, the company is well-known for its premium safety incident investigation Melbourne service in which they perform independent investigations into safety incidents and provide a thorough assessment of the manifestation of the risk. Their consultants can help you understand how the incident occurred, and what controls can be put in place to ensure it does not occur again.

Moreover, they also specialize in developing chain of responsibility management plans in compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law and applicable standards. Chain of Responsibility (COR) is an important area of law. Workplaces can sometimes be confused as to their obligations on the COR and how they can ensure compliance. Safetygap’s consultants can guide workplaces on their obligations and develop processes and systems to ensure compliance. 

There are many more services provided by Safetygap such as occupational hygiene, dangerous goods management and consulting service, auditing, and so on. If you are looking for a safety management system Melbourne, then Safetygap can help you with this also. The company has a vast experience in developing safety, environmental, food safety and other management systems. 

Safetygap has appointed top safety professionals possessing immense experience in managing and developing safety management systems in a diverse range of industries. Also, they have access to the big support network which can help provide the best possible solution to all problems and requirements for workplaces. No matter what your safety requirement is, they can aid you through an excellent service and personable approach. They can assist you to manage all safety-related risk at your workplace and improve your safety standard. 

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Safetygap: Your Certified Safety Consultants for Managing Risks in your Business

It is indeed a matter of concern if a business does not abide by workplace health and laws. It will not only drastically affect production and sales of an organization, but it can also impact the reputation of a company significantly, through litigation and actions from regulators. Then there is the moral dilemma, why should the workforce suffer from uncontrolled hazards when a workplace disregards occupational health and safety laws? In order to protect the employees of an organization, effective OHS measures must be undertaken that can prevent incidents, injuries and dangerous occurrences. Safetygap is a trusted OHS service provider in Melbourne, Australia which keeps the concerns of an organisation as their foremost priority. Safetygap’s effective safety management system Melbourne helps organisations manage their hazards and risks. It was established with the purpose of offering an effective safety management solution to a vast-array of businesses ranging from manufacturing, hospitality, retail, educational centres and lot more.

The objective of Safetygap through its services is, to prevent injuries, fatalities, and dangerous occurrences, by collectively enhancing the standard of workplace safety in Australia. Safetygap has a team of highly skilled OHS consultants who provide an extensive range of OHS services that include:

· Manual Handling Risk Assessment Melbourne And Ergonomics Assessment

· Safety Incident Investigations

· Dangerous Goods

· Safety Improvement Notices

· Chain Of Responsibility

· Occupational Hygiene

Safetygap takes immense pleasure in conducting effective consultation and communication while providing their services. They acquire a thorough understanding of a workplace and deliver effective OHS services that are specifically designed for that workplace. The team of Safetygap has got extensive experience in the safety profession, their consultants are accredited with degree or diploma in workplace safety with in depth experience in the safety profession. They place a great emphasis on reliable and effective safety solutions and provide them with a fast turnaround time. They are also available outside of typical business hours which is helpful if an incident occurs.

Safetygap has helped organizations improve their safety standards and prevent harm to their employees through their premium OHS services. No matter what kind of risk an organization is encompassed with, Safetygap is there to conduct safety risk assessment Melbourne that is designed with a purpose to examine and manage risk in the most effective and practical way. From large franchise to small business owners, Safetygap offers a diverse range of OHS services that works in the company’s best interests. Please visit their official website and ask for a consultation in order to acquire eminent OHS services for your workplace.

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The Importance of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the Workplace

Employers often spend most of their time investing on areas in the business which generate profits. It has long been incorrectly assumed that investing on workplace safety does not generate profits for a business. In reality, good safety standards are likely to result in an increased morale and increased productivity in the workplace. It should also be noted poor safety standards can cost a business through incidents, injuries, workers compensation claims, litigation, loss of business contracts and damage to the company reputation. Investing in workplace safety is therefore vital for any business and is a very worthy investment.

Improper safety measures in an organization can also cause a lot of catastrophic damage and health hazards to the workforce and families. Thus, every small and large scale organization should implement workplace safety and health measures in order to prevent loss of business reputation, loss of skilled labour as well as increase in productivity. Witnessing the growth of the safety industry, a lot of OHS consulting services Melbourne have come into existence which support workplaces in managing safety and ensuring their workplace is free from harm.

Organsiations in Melbourne and around Australia may be worried about the safety and health of its employees due to the rise of potential risks in the workplace. In order to prevent disastrous events and injuries, safety auditing Melbourne came into existence which carefully analyses the deficiency of safety management systems against a particular standard. Common safety management system standards include AS4801, ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001. The premium safety consultants offer a wide-range of safety auditing services ranging from:

· Comprehensive Audits 

· Gap Analysis 

· Dangerous Goods Transport Audit 

· Compliance Audit 

Whether an organization is of manufacturing, warehousing and transportation or hospitality, the team of the finest safety consultants work collectively in order to improve the safety standards of the workplace and manage risks in the most effective and practical way. They also provide guidance on the handling of dangerous substances, safe transportation, and more.

If you are looking for a credible consulting firm which offers effectual safety consulting solutions, then look no further than Safetygap. They are reputed safety consultants in Melbourne, Australia who aim to provide impressive OHS services which are practical, accurate and effective. They provide custom designed services offering a detailed evaluation on the manifestation of risks. Safetygap have a credible team of OHS consultants who have extensive experience practicing safety in the safety profession in different industries.They have an extensive range of safety and health services ranging from incident investigations, risk management, ergonomics and lot more. You can even visit their official website to read blogs on the importance of workplace safety. Partner with Safetygap today and improve the standard of safety in your workplace.

About Safetygap: 

Safetygap is the prominent OHS Company which has a well-versed team of occupational hygiene consultants Melbourne who can evaluate, identify and control health hazards in the working environment. 

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Obtain Premium Safety Services and Solutions for Your Business


When you manage any business or organization, you have to manage a lot of different areas and functions. Managing Safety is one of the most fundamental functions for any business, which is enforced through the enactment of various workplace safety laws operating throughout Australia. This is especially true if you own a business or factory that incorporates hazardous work procedures, use of chemicals or equipment. You should ensure your business activities does not result in harm to people, property or the environment. In order to improve safety, you can consider various safety solutions depending on your business activities. For instance, if your business incorporates hazardous manual handling, then you can seek manual handling risk assessment Melbourne to protect employees from any future injuries and make the completion of manual handling tasks easier for your workforce. 

Being an employer, it is your legal responsibility to conduct a manual handling risk assessment, as well as to identify and implement controls for risks emerging from perilous manual handling. In order to get a manual handling risk assessment done, you should contact professionals who utilize proven methodology for the evaluation of the manual handling task and recommend effective and practical controls to help you manage the risk. 

Apart from this, you may also be concerned about dangerous goods, articles or substances that can cause direct harm to people, environment or property. It is quite difficult to manage the transportation use or storage of such dangerous goods in business, as there can be stringent requirements. For this reason, you can take the assistance of professionals or dangerous goods consultants Melbourne. A consultant can provide you with appropriate guidance on the safe storage, transport, and management of hazardous substances or dangerous goods whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, standards, and codes of practices for your business. 

These are the major safety aspects that you must consider in order to ensure superior safety of your business operations. For all such safety services and solutions, you need to find a renowned company specializing in this area to ensure you are receiving accurate, practical and effective services.

Safetygap is one of the highly regarded companies offering effective and practical workplace safety solutions and services. The safety consultants at Safetygap have a minimum of 5 to 18 years of experience, of working in the safety field in different industries. The company has built a broad support network in an attempt to provide the best possible solution for any problem. They assess your operations and requirements and suggest potent and effective safety solutions. From risk management, auditing, ergonomics, OHS to incident investigations, the company specializes in all assorts of safety services and solutions needed by organizations. 

About Safetygap:

Safetygap is one of best chain of responsibility consultants Melbourne offering best workplace safety solutions and services. Ensure your workplace complies with Chain of Responsibility Laws.

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